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12 Awesome Reasons Why You Need Professional Video on Your Website

On our Talkabout Productions Facebook page, I posted the 12 Awesome Reasons Why You Need Professional Video on Your Website. There’s actually more than 12 awesome reasons but these 12 are the most awesome! Drives more people to your site because folks like video! Folks spend more time on your site because it creates a connection. Video enhances the user …

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Ready, Set, Optimize !

Now that you have chosen the videos for your video marketing plan and you have chosen the web hosting sites that will complement your own website, it’s time to optimize your videos. Opti-what? Optimize. I’m sure you’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization, right? OK good. However, it sounds like we need to get a little more clarity on what it …

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The Best of Both Worlds

You’re still with me, great! Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons of using a third-party platform like YouTube and hosting video on your own website, what do you think? A little bit of both? Yes! Let’s look at few ideas for what a hybrid plan can look like. Mini Me This can be done a couple of ways. …

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