#4 of 6 Ways to Shine on Camera

TalkAbout Productions, Breathe Video


To breathe deeply is to be alive! Our oxygen fuels our fire. We are better able to speak our truth with passion and purpose! Deep breathing calms the nerves and gives us power to speak from that deep place within. Breathing will ground you in your thoughts and words.

When we’re in studio our entire crew, including whoever is in front of the camera, does a little exercise in deep breathing. We begin by closing our eyes and taking a deep breath in through our noses and then exhaling through our mouths.

Do it with me!¬†**breathe in….breath out…**

Again¬†**breathe in….breath out…**

We generally do this 3-5 times until we feel grounded and everyone feels powerful and ready to go.

Until next week, happy video making!

Remember to keep shining on!

I am Pamela Nebeker, creator of TalkAbout Productions.

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