#5 of 6 Ways to Shine on Camera

Talkabout Productions, Know Your Content

KNOW your content. Speak your truth!

People know when you know…The most important part to becoming known as an expert is knowing your stuff.

You could be in real estate, marketing, public relations, network marketing, or being a dog trainer — whatever it is, in order to be regarded as an expert in your field you need to know your stuff. Be prepared to talk about the facts and the statistics. Be confident and quote your sources. But most of all rise up and let the world see your greatness, be who you are meant to be. This is not the time to shrink. The world needs you. They need your story.

Never underestimate the power of video. When you shine in front of the camera amazing things can happen. You become the expert and by sharing your videos on your website and other social media like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter it can lead to increased opportunities on guest panels, press interviews, media and television appearances.

Until next week, Happy video making! Remember to keep on SHINING on. I am Pamela Nebeker, creator of TalkAbout Productions.

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