If you are looking for a fresh new video for your website then you have come to the right place! We help your customers get to meet the real you!


If you are looking for a fresh new video for your website then you have come to the right place! We help your customers get to meet the real you! We bring your personality and your passion for your business to the screen. Our Site is under construction. We look forward to serving you online. In the mean time please contact us at 801.651.8888 or email us at pam@talkaboutproductions.com

About Pam

Pam-chair-cropPamela Nebeker, visionary and creator of Talk AboutProductions, has been an entrepreneur most of her life. With TalkAbout Productions, Pam’s mission began, seeing a way that she could help other Entrepreneurs, Artists, Realtors, Non-Profits, Speakers, Writers and other professionals express their passion authentically (their own words,voice, face). Nothing is more powerful when one speaks his/her own truth, and then the same audio-visual message helps him/her connect with their target audience and customers, over the web. With internet, the world got smaller and with TalkAbout Productions, helping people get their message out there became clearer and simpler.

Our Vision

Our vision is one of helping people go from where they are to where they really want to be. We do this through affordable HD video used in websites, social media and e-mail. Our videos are of highest quality that can even be used for television.

Our crew has worked successfully in the motion picture industry for more than 25 years. This is the future, it is here, are you ready?

We can certainly help facilitate the process. You are ready to take things to the next level…come fly with us. The world is waiting just for you!

Why Talkabout

Velocity…Talkabout is taking you right into the future of Marketing at warp speed. You’ll be light years ahead of your competition.

Credibility…There isn’t anyone who can talk about your business the way you do! We help you get there by using a series of questions and techniques utilized by the best Business Coaches, Life Coaches, and Transformational Specialists in the world today.

Coaching…We help you get comfortable in front of the camera so you can be authentic when sharing your passion for what you do. (NO SCRIPTS, Hooray!)

Fun…We make your entire experience creative and fun. Life should be fun, right? Our business is our passion and helping you share yours with the world is a delight!
Easy…Be who you are, we take care of the rest.

Professional…Our staff has worked in the Motion Picture Industry for almost a quarter of century. They know the all the right angles and work with a professionalism that will instantly put you at ease.

Experience…Many of our camera technicians, editors, directors, coaches, lighting techs, makeup artists have been making television, movies and commercials for decades. This is the team you want on your team!

Technology…Our equipment is state of the art. We give you the best, highest quality, High Definition Video out there.

Value…We are breaking barriers to provide High Definition Video affordable for everyone. You can have HD video, professional quality on your website, social media and more. You can even use it for television…yeah, breaking barriers!

Beyond Business…Nothing seems to be rising faster than unemployment these days, so we decided to create “The Video Resume”. For every 10 videos completed we will make a complementary video for a deserving man or woman seeking a new job.

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