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Pam: I am Pamela Nebeker, with Talkabout Productions with my dear friend Leta Greene, make up artist extraordinaire. And she is going to give us some tips for makeup on camera today. Especially for those of us who are mature, like me. I am 54 years old and Leta’s got the tips and tricks.

Leta: So typically when you are looking at doing makeup for camera, you have to have layers and layers of makeup. And when you are face-to-face with people they can see the layers and layers of makeup. So Pamela really actually looks this good in person. I look this good in person. So we love that. So you don’t have to have a whole lot of special prep with the foundation.

When you are looking at doing makeup for camera you want to have a little bit extra blush. Depending on the lighting in the situation that  you are going to be in, I put the foundation over the top so you have that under-current of color.

So right here I call this the anti-aging line. You’ll notice that her brow’s in there and I’ve kept the makeup within that line. If we take it out we end up accentuating the maturity and the wrinkles and we don’t want to do that.

I’ll put a little bit of under-eye concealer. Eye cream is so important to keep those eyes luscious.

So I am a total fan of this candle light concealer. It is an eye shadow, but it moves with your skin. You can highlight your jaw line a little bit. You can use the white concealer for this too.

Women want to know how to minimize their nose. A little trick to do that is to take a little bit of the same bronzer and just come down along the side of the nose.

SeneGence Products tagline is “Products that really work!” Crazy idea to have makeup that stays on all day and a skin care that actually works, but that’s what we do. And as a makeup artist I love working with them because they are all creams. So they’re so much easier to play with. I don’t have to make sure that no powder falls off and they are just painting with finger paint. So much easier.

Pam: The thing that I really like about it is with the really busy schedule and you have appearances and you have videos and you have speaking engagements, what it really does it make it so you do not have to touch your face again for the rest of the day. It just stays on and perfect. I love it.

Leta: Thank you!

Pam: Thank you.

Leta: So I look forward to working with you and your makeup. And I highly encourage you look up Pamela to work with her for putting together videos so you could be seen in your best lighting.

Pam: And that’s our Talkabout Vlog for today. I am Pamela Nebeker.

Leta: And I am Leta Greene. Speaker, author, makeup artist and mom.

Pam: (whisper) And a good one too.


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